Artist Wanted ! Freelance 3d Graphic Artists Needed Today.

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Tech and Art have merged on the internet due to the large amount of work available from 3d graphic user interfaces to characters for video games people are always looking and graphic artists are needed for a large variety of games and other media from animation to TV commercials. The tools of the trade for […]

3d Sculpting and Modeling Freelance Digital Artist and Illustration

zbrush modeling, zbriush mesh, zbrush sculpting

Hello my name is Kenton Sweckard and I am a digital 3d sculptor and 3d modeler. I have been working in 3d for quite a few years now, and I do everything from creating video game assets to illustration  fro books and even t shirts. I like many different styles from steam-punk, fantasy art, Gothic and Victorian, aliens, comic book art, character conception, 3d vfx, animation and so on.  I have numerous Facebook pages and groups as well other blogs showing what I can do and as well portfolios online and more. I am currently as well working on a demo real to show my animation skills and more. Here are some of the ways you may contact me online if you need some freelance work done. I may not be cheap but I will do quality 3d work for you if you need it, and as well I will go into great detail.

My Facebook pages with my digital sculpting and modeling work

3d Modeling and Sculpting using Zbrush, 3ds Max, Mudbox, 3d Coat, Maya and Blender 3d

My Facebook 3d Digital Art Pages ~ Here I post my digital sculpting and painting work as well many others that are friends and colleagues

As well I have a 3d Digital Art Group …. if you have questions about a program , about my work , you want to show off your work then join here

3d Digital Art Group ~  Zbrush, Mudbox, 3ds max , Blender, Maya, 3d Coat, Soft Image and more !

and then here are some of my work related blogs

3d Digital Sculpting, Modeling and Painting  ~  this is a blog where I show many of my 3d art WIP’s or Works in progress ….

Vampire Art Blog ~ this is and ongoing project that I started a few years back. Vampire art, fantasy art you can even find some vampire aliens here very soon!

Here is a parting image of a piece I am currently working on

zbrush modeling, zbriush mesh, zbrush sculpting